ProxToMe: iPhone app to send and receive files easily

File sharing between iDevices in distance unit always becomes an issue, here ProxToMe: iPhone app to send and receive files easily.By using this application you can send and receive files from devices within 250 feet distance. The main advantage of this application is that you can send a full length movie to the nearby devices within seconds if ProxToMe is installed in it.

ProxToMeBy installing this application in your iPhone you can view all the person within the specified distance. There is also the facility to take the Facebook profile of that person with a simple tap. This facility provides you the way to know more about their interest which make you comfortable while using this app.

ProxToMe service also provides a way to chat with the person and also video calling options with the person. There will a Dropbox in the application to save the details of files that are send and received. The size of file which are transferred depend on the available size of drop down list.

This application is mainly helpful if you want to send a file to a group of people of similar interest. That means for example you are attending a music concert of your favorite Singer. So naturally most of the audience present will be of the same interest, here is the use of ProxToMe. You can send songs in your collection and receive songs from the people standing at the distance of 250 feet apart within seconds. You can also follow the person you have made the connection with by using this app.

There is also many other places which require sharing of data with a group of audience. If a lecture want to share a document to his/her students this application makes the task simple and fast. The connectivity of the application use simple Bluetooth connectivity with cloud storage of data.

If you are not interested in sending or receiving particular data from a user you can block it using this app. App will be active to send and receive file if you permit it only. ProxToMe is a most useful application when you want to share data to groups of people of your interest.