Twitter’s promotion of Vine through mails sounds Instagram effect

Instagram and Vine both are parts of two social networking giant called Facebook and Twitter. Yesterday’s mysteries event organized by Facebook brings 15 second video supports for instagram, became a successive competitor against Vine’s 6 second video support. Twitter’s promotion of Vine through mails indicate this fact.

promotion of Vine through mailsBoth instagram and vine stands as effective tools that helps us to create multimedia files and shared through the social networking sites. The Vine application allows the users to create 6 second videos and can share it. This application became popular in very short time. When it release for android operating system earlier in this month it is clear that developers looking for the complete dominance of the service.

Why Twitter make promotion of Vine through mails

Even though instagram on a well stage the lack of video support stands as drawback for it until yesterday. The June 20th Facebook event brings 15 second video support for Instagram. It is a fact that it surely threatened the Twitter. Instragram features with 9 second more recording time than that of Vine. As a result Twitter sends the Vine users massive mails to promote their service.

Many users reported that they got mails from Twitter which highlighted about the Vine application. Facebook gives the new updation for Instragram from yesterday itself. The users get a chance to record the video in 13 different patterns. The service also provide feature to add user’s thumbnail. The latest version of Instagram can get from the respective app stores.Twitter sends mails to promote Vine

Upon the releasing time of the 13 second video support for Instagram Facebook shared the milestones that got by Instagram:

  • 16 million photos shared on Instragram.
  • 130 million active monthly users on this service.
  • 1 billion likes every day.

It is thinks to be the new feature surely turns the Instragram even more popular. So that is why Twitter tried to promote Vine application. They shared through their official blog that the Vine application will hit new features in coming weeks. We can hope that it will be extending in video recording time with other editing features.