Google updated project Glass with more voice commands

Google’s first ever wearable computing device project already gets the attention of everyone. Today Google updated project Glass with more voice commands.

project Glass with more voice commandsThe main focus of wearable computing devices is nothing but it allows us to do the online tasks without having distracted the attention of us,mainly works through our voice commands. Today Google improved project glass with more voice commands. It allows performing many additional tasks through our voice commands.

Through this updation Google meant to make it’s project glass with more voice commands readability and thereby reduce the user’s effort. That is they wants to make this device completely hand free one, to reduce the complexity with swiping with fingers.

Project glass with more voice commands

Once you gets message from your friends you can as the glass to read it aloud. Google Glass will instantly read that message like a perfect guide. You can also command the glass to reply to any messages. It will make completion of the composing of message through perfect dictation.

Once you get a call through online services then you can attend that call through the Google Glass by simply saying “ok glass answer call”. As Gmail became the common service that used by everyone to connect with each other the project Glass also make updation on this service. Tap on the ‘My contacts’ within Gmail will brings your list of connections. From the main menu button the ‘send a message’ option will allows you to make instant messaging. You can also make calls to the Gmail contacts in easier way with Google Glass.

The updation also makes the web experience within the Glass much smoother than before. The deep integration with Google’s knowledge graph makes next level browsing experience with Google Glass. After search for anything just tap on view website will brings the desired webpage. The Glass also allows to scroll, zoom and to look around the webpage. These updation will automatically come to Google Glass.