Privacy Policy

Specblo, blog of the era is greatly concerned with the privacy of viewers of this site. Please verify how Specblo ensures the privacy of the information’s included in the site and continue with the services if you are fully satisfied with the privacy that we adopt. The Privacy policy included here can be changed by authorities at any time without any notification to make it updated with the changing world.

Contend Privacy

The contents provided in this site must not be used for personal or commercial purposes.  Service provided by this site can be used without any registration and to take the advantage of any content in this site you must follow all the terms and privacy statements included in the policy.

Personal Information Privacy

We will ensure all the privacy and protection for the personal information’s provided by the users of the site. Other than that Website authorities are not responsible for any security issues and privacy problem due to unauthorized access or malpractices. The details of IP address time and date of access are strictly used for administrative uses and will not be disclosed to public under any circumstances.

Third Party Privacy Policy

The contents provided in this site must not be reproduced in any form in any other sites. You can share the contents of this site, comment, clarify your doubts and opinions. We have also included the links to the third party websites for your reference and use in our site. The privacy policies of these websites are independent from our website and user must use these sites in their own risk.

We expect all kinds of cooperation from the users of the site. If there is any problem with the contents or topics in our site you can report to the authority. All viewers can express their opinions without any limitations in our site but make sure that it will not make any issues on the right of expressing thoughts and opinions for other users. There will not be any responsibilities for the authorities on the comments and feedbacks that are put in the site by the viewers.

Users of this site must further proceed with the service from the site if and only if they are satisfied with the privacy policy statements that are included in the site.

Changes to this Privacy Statement
The contents of this statement may be altered at any time, at our discretion.

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