Google introduced preview of new Google Maps for all

Google announced the new look for Google Maps in the month of May. Today Google introduced preview of new Google Maps for all. Still the public release of new Google Maps not confirmed.preview of new Google Maps

Earlier Google provided an invitation method to get the preview of new Google Maps. Many users get the new interface of Google Maps in that way. Now the preview of redesigned Google Maps is available for all. Still Google demands sign up system for to access new interface of its web mapping service.

Preview of new Google Maps

The invitation method for preview of new Google Maps takes several days for the confirmation. But now the users can access new Google Maps instantly through the sign up. The main reason for why Google makes a delay within the public release of new Google Maps is to get the right feedback from the users from previews.

The redesigned Google Maps brings what the users exactly needs. Once you set the home location and other informations within new Google Maps it brings all relevant services around you. The recommendations from Google also help you to get with the right places and services.

Google Maps also get more interactive with new interface. The preview of new Google Maps help you to hit with advanced web mapping service.  Once you explore any place within it you will get exact way to get there. The new transportation system show off best mode of transport system to touch with your destination. New Google Maps includes by walk, car, bus, cycle and flight.redesigned Google Maps

The new Google Maps have stunning collection of imageries. Upon the exploration of each place it shows off the image collection associated with that place. Through the webGL based browsers you can explore the 3D photos within the Google Maps. It is also integrated with Google Earth. The imagery within Google Maps includes various cities, isolated places, ocean…Etc.

Google also make big updation for android application of Google Maps recently . The updation for iOS version will comes in coming weeks. Anyway the highly customized Google Maps will surely turns the web mapping experience of the users to new level.