How To Prevent Applications From Accessing Your Personal Data In iOS 8

Many of application within your iOS 8 device requested for your data including contacts, mails, photos and calender. Sometimes these application needed your data for providing better service. At same time this kind of data accessing may ruin your privacy. But you can prevent apps from accessing your data at any time in iOS 8.

Stop applications from accessing your data in iOS 8

  • Goto settings from your iOS 8 device.privacy setting
  • Then tap on privacy.

There you can see applications that are request access to your data in different categories like location, photos, social data, contacts, calenders, reminders…Etc. Each categories include a list of applications that access the type of data that the category represent access for application in iOS 8

  • Tap on each category to see list of application that access your privacy in IOS 8
  • Allow or deny data accessing for apps within the list.

Top image credit : Apple