President of Windows unit Steven Sinofsky resigns from Microsoft

The veteran president of Windows unit Steven Sinofsky resigns from Microsoft. Sinofsky is the development and marketing head of Windows, Internet Explorer and SkyDrive.

President of Windows unit Steven Sinofsky resigns from MicrosoftThe retirement decision of Sinofsky made a shocking effect on Microsoft. As he is one of the ideal executive with more than 23 years experience in the field. The immersive leadership power of Sinofsky helps to make effective changes in Windows unit and in other applications.

Steven Sinofsky joined Microsoft in the year 1989 as a software engineer. At the beginning of his carrier he focused on the program development especially on Microsoft Office suit. His innovative ideas and way of implementation makes the office suite most users trusted and widely used software. The Microsoft Office version 95, 97, 2000’2003 and 2007 shows the untouchable leadership of Sinofsky. The ultimate passion towards the technology and charismatic character helps him to became the technical assistant of former CEO Bill Gates at the earlier stage of his Microsoft carrier.

In the year 2009 Steve Sinofsky promoted for the Windows division in Microsoft. Sinofsky keenly focused for the inbuilt application in the windows operating system like Internet explorer and Windows Live…Etc. At the same time Sinofsky wrote bogs about the new technologies updates in Microsoft. The blogs helps the users to better understand about the products and on how to use it. The main reason for why Steve Sinofsky became the ideal developer in Microsoft is that he focused on the field and made perfection in right way.

After he became the developer in Windows unit he provides the users most advanced operating systems like Windows Vista Windows 7 and recently released Windows 8. These Windows platforms became the most successive operating system till exists. The analysts reported that there are more than 450 million users opted for these Windows versions. The all-time success of Windows 7 doubles the market revenue of Microsoft in the year 2010.

The effort and leadership that Sinofsky implemented on the development of Windows 8 operating system is the remarkable work on his profession. It is the first metro designed OS version from Microsoft. Along with Windows 8 Microsoft also released Tablet OS Windows RT. Windows 8 promises for ever fast performance with floating application environment.