Samsung Introduced Power Sharing Cable For Charging Micro USB Devices With Galaxy Line Products

Samsung launches new power sharing accessory called power sharing cable for transferring charge between devices. It help the users to charge their micro-USB devices like smartphones, tablets and wearable devices using Galaxy line devices.

samsung power sharing cable charging micro usb devices with galaxy products

Samsung demand a rate of $19.99 for it’s new power sharing accessory. It is only available in white color. Samsung also restrict the amount of charge that the user can share with their Micro-USB device. It is to avoid the power loss of Galaxy line product from which power being drawn.

The new portable power sharing cable from Samsung becomes very helpful for multi-device users on the go. It also let the users to share charge with friend’s devices. A range of Galaxy line products compatible with Samsung’s new power sharing cable.

Compatible Galaxy devices

  • Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4.
  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha.
  • Samsung Galaxy Avant.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

How to charge Micro-USB devices with Samsung power sharing cable

  • Download and install power sharing app from Google Play.
  • Open application and select amount of power to transfer.
  • Plug one end of power sharing cable with your Galaxy device and another end with Micro-USB device.