post from any page in FB gets introduce very shortly

When we talk about Facebook the first ever thing we have to say is it’s time to time updation of new features. We are all impressed by the graph search and new look of news feed. Now they are gets ready to take next step, post from any page in FB gets introduce very shortly.

post from any page in FBWe are going across many pages when we connect with Facebook. Sometimes it feels difficult to turn back to the timeline to post something and again to find out the leaved page.  Now Facebook plans to make it a solution by hosting posting from any page button next to home button.

post from any page in FB

The new composing button will situate very next to the home button. As the top notification bar in the Facebook remains appears in all pages we can tap on this button any time. When we click on the new button the new composing box appears like a pop up window. From there we can post updates, photos and videos.

The new composing box within Facebook reminds same thing we do in status update within the time line. Where it becomes more effective is it helps to remains in desired page while composing the post within new newsfeed of Facebook. So that we don’t have to search that page for again. It is also save time and helps to share updates at very next instant we wish.New composing box within Facebook

The new composing box also shows off privacy settings and options to drag photos. Post from any page button appeared in many Facebook profile by this time. But it is not covered in all profiles. The new feature will available in all Facebook profile very shortly.