Doodle on Portugal National Day 2006

Portugal Day or Day of Portugal is the National Day of Portugal which is celebrated every year on 10th June. The National Day is celebrated as a tribute or commemoration of the national literary icon Luis de Camoes who dead on 10th June 1580.

Portugal National Day 2006 Google Doodle
Portugal National Day 2006 Google Doodle (June 10, 2006)

Mainly Portugal National Day is celebrated in other countries like United States, Canada and United Kingdom. On the occasion of Portugal National Day Google released a Google doodle on 10th June.

In the Portugal National Day 2006 Google Doodle ,  instead of the 2nd ‘o’ in the Google logo it is the Portuguese shield that can be seen in Portugal flag. It is in the national flag of Portugal since 1143 with different format and complexity. So it is apt to give in the doodle also.

One of the finest contribution of Camoes is the Portugal’s national epic poem which describes the history and achievements of Portugal. The poem mainly focuses on the exploration that happened in 15th century that resulted in fame and fortune to the country. In Portuguese literature itself the poem is considered as the finest work and symbolize the great feats of the Portuguese Empire.

Fighting in Ceuta he lost his one eye and wrote the poem during the travelling.His birth date is unknown so his death date become Portugal National Day. Although Camoes is considered as national symbol of Portuguese, the death coincide with the Portuguese succession crisis that occurred in 1580.

Portugal National Flag
Portugal National Flag [Image Credit :]
Due to this Spanish claim the nation’s administration and Portugal was then ruled by three generations of Spanish kings. But at last Portugal got independence on 1st December 1620.

Portugal National Day is suspended during the Carnation Revolution in that occurred 1974. But the celebration resumed after 1974 throughout the world.