Polytron to unveil transparent Smartphone in December

Apple iPhone series in one which makes big change in the filed by introducing touch screen. Now the Taiwanese Company Polytron to unveil transparent Smartphone in December.

We had seen wide range of Smartphones those are coming under different screen sizes and displays. The design has its own priority in Smartphone world. Manufactures always wish to make new innovation within it. After the slimmer flexible screens now it is time for transparent handsets. Polytron Company already announced the project of transparent Smartphone.

Polytron’s Smartphone is a multi-touch handset which is developed using switchable glass technology. It will boast with all the specifications that we are seen with today’s Smartphones. The Organic Light Emitting Diodes are makes it into transparent. Users can see their hands through the transparent screen. Even battery and SIM gets transparent with switchable glass technology.

When the handset is in power off mode the molecules in the desired display gets aligns to form a milky composition. As in the working mode these particular molecules get realigns to form the desired images, icons and texts. The current model which is under development show off micro-SD card slot and battery.

It is also reported that the particular prototype won’t feature an operating system yet. The transparent display will now have view quantity like current Smartphones had. Polytron didn’t disclose more functionalities about the futuristic Smartphone. It is thinks that it has some affordable features that help to competite with todays advanced phones.

As it becomes a transparent display the handset will turns to a light thinner one. Transparent displays are developed using substrates so that it will also reduce power consumption. These displays are becomes very simple and user friendly as it provide two side view. It is also reported that the phone will have blind application. More details and specifications will inform later. The transparent phone from Polytron will get debut in the December 2013.