Be a pokemon master by completing pokemon challenge on Google Maps

Closing of YouTube, Google Maps treasure mode, Gmail blue…..You never forget about these April fools pranks from Google. Now it is already April fool day has arrived for many countries…For this year Google want to make you a pokemon master on April fool day.

Be a pokemon master by completing pokemon challenge on Google Maps

Anyone with a Android or iOS device can join within this challenge. Google Maps app for iOS or Android can get from respective stores . The winner of this challenge will get a job at Google, can join on September 1st, 2014.

After you launch the Google Maps application just tap on search option from top of the screen. You will find a new ‘press to start’ option with pokemon icon, to initiate the challenge.

Pokemon will occupy all stations in map including museums, forests, mountains, sea…Etc. You need to fill up your pokedex by finding out all the creatures in different locations. For discovering the creatures you need to navigate with Google Maps to different locations.

The pokemon challenge on Google Map will end at 12.00 am on 2nd April. You need to catch all creatures and to fill pokedex before the deadline.

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