Pixinguinha’s 117th Birthday marked by Google Doodle

Google Brazil marked Pixinguinha’s 117th Birthday on 23rd April. Paixinguinha is a well known musician from Brazil. His  also known in name Alfredo da Rocha Viana Jr .

Pixinguinha's 117th Birthday marked by Google Doodle
Pixinguinha’s 117th Birthday marked by Google Doodle(April 23, 2014)

Google doodle for Pixinguinha, with his saxophone is designed in a new style. You can see sketched image of Pixinguinha with his saxophone in left. Google logo alphabets are arranged in the doodle as if it comes as the note from saxophone. Alphabets in the doodle is given shades of Google original logo itself.

Born on 1897, April 23, Pixinguinha was popular in Brazil as a composer, saxophonist, flutist and an arranger. He was know for mixing and arranging Choro gener in music to new styles and forms.

Started working as composer in 1914, Pixinguinha had great influence in the Brazilian music worls. The way he composed attracted many American Jazz musician and they adapted Pixinguinha’s style in the plays. Rytm of his compositions are outstanding. He make a musical feast to audience with full use of instruments in his works.

During his life time he visited many places and did music performance all around the world. Pixinguinha was the ambassador of Brazilian music in Paris. Many accepted his style of works as a new life in music at the same time there were many criticisms from all sides for his over usage of Jazz in works.

Pixinguinha died in 1973, February 7th at the age of 75. Google Doodle for Pixinguinha honored him on 117th Birthday.