Pinterest introduced guided search for finding things faster

The visual discovery tool Pinterest now have 30 billion pins in total, a 50% increase in last 6 months. At same time it becomes really hard to find the interesting things from this huge amount of data. So they introduced new guided search for the service, to discover things instantly.

How Pinteresting

With power if guided search you will see narrower topic when you type a keyword within the search bar. For example when you search for table Pinterest shows you topic like ‘living room’ or ‘accents’.  You will also see more related pins, actually 90% more pins.

The new feature is rolled out in web and mobile in English version. Pinterest will bring support for more language in coming months.

In case of you searching for ideas or guides Pinterest offers you detailed visual data from pinners. So when you search for hairstyles, you can find different styles for red head, curly hair, long hair…Etc. That is the service shows you suggestions to make your search more specific so that they can bring exactly what you looking for.

The guides from Pinterest also becomes more specific now. Searching for trips results of places for different activities. These results are retrieve from the pins from travelers and others. You will also get same search experience in case of guide for other activities.