Contribute your 360 degree photospheres with Google Maps views

The 360 degree panoramic images within Google Maps always make places much closer to us. Google always accepted users contributions to make their mapping service more effective. Now you can contribute your 360 degree photospheres with Google Maps views.

photospheres with Google Maps viewsGoogle maps views is the new community released by Google for accepting your contributions photos about different places. You can share 360 degree panoramas of any known places with Google Maps views. Google maps views helps you to become a part of Google web mapping service.

You can easily create 360 degree panoramic images of any places using your android devices that are running on android 4.2 or higher.

How to make photosphere with your android device

  • Select the photosphere icon from the main camera stream.
  • Hold your android device vertically and close to your face. Make sure than you can see the scene you want to capture.
  • To start capturing 3600 photosphere adjusts the camera angle so that the blue dot will appears within doughnut. Hold the camera steady until you get a single frame of screen. Once you make it the stop icon will appears on the screen.
  • To make complete photosphere rotate your camera following the dots by standing within the same place.
  • To create complete 360 degree photosphere tilt your camera to up and down to get complete scene.

You can also make 360 degree panoramic images with DSLR cameras. Make sure you make photospheres of places that become helpful for other people by sharing.

How to share photospheres with Google Maps views

  • Sign in with your G+ account to Google Maps views.
  • Click on the blue camera icon on the top right corner.
  • Then import photospheres from Google+ account.
  • To share photosphere from android click on share button, then select Google Maps for sharing.panoramic images in Ggoogle Maps

As you share photospheres with Google Maps views the search giant can add more visual information regarding that place. Google Maps views also provide existing panoramic images of different places from Google Maps.