Google’s Philippines Independence Day Doodle 2009

Google came up with Philippines Independence Day doodle 2009 on June 12th, 2009. Google Doodle was similarly good and beautiful as other doodles. We can see the emblem inscribed in the national flag in doodle.


Philippines Independence Day Doodle 2009
Philippines Independence Day 2009 (June 12, 2009)

National Day special doodlesby Google always shows the importance of the celebration of the day in which the nation became free from foreign rules. In Google’s Philippines Independence Day Doodle 2009 landed on Google Philippines to celebrate the national day also we can see the same feel and respect for the nation.

Google have always published national day doodles on Philippines to share the happiness of the day with the people over there. It was in the year 1898, the incident regarding the celebration of the day took place in the country.

On 12th of June in that year Philippines became the independent nation gaining freedom from the rule of Spain. It was after reading the Act of declaration of Independence publically on this day the country was recognized as a fully independent nation.

From that year the celebration of the day for commemorating the anniversary of this declaration began in Philippines with great importance. As in all other countries we can a wide range of programs, parties and celebrations organized in Philippines too, on this day. It is a national holiday over Philippines and people join with their family and friends to celebrate the day.

In the Philippines Independence Day doodle 2009 we can see that Google logo is replaced with the color of national flag of Philippines other than the original colors for logo. It gives the doodle perfect and apt for the celebration of the national day as we know flag is the symbol of nation.Wishing the nations for their special days with beautiful doodles is the Google’s way of sharing the joy of day.

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