Peru Independence Day 2014 Google Doodle

Google Doodle marks 193 years of Peruvian Independence  in homepage. Three day festival with traditional dance, games and cuisines have already started over there.

Google Doodle for Peru Independence Day 2014
Google Doodle for Peru Independence Day 2014(July 28, 2014)

In Google Doodle for Peru Independence Day 2014, you can see special Peruvian cuisine ceviche, seafood prepared on the day with lemon juice. Peru National flag is also included in doodle in different style. Día de la Independencia Perú is known as Independence Day in Peru. Kevi Laughlin is the designer of this doodle at Peru Homepage.

As in doodle, National Peru Flag is seen in each and every place all over the country for Independence Day celebration. In fact for the entire month of July, Peruvians decorate their home, office every where with national flag in red and white. Flag raising ceremony is one of very important program charted on the day.

It’s on 28th July, Peru celebrates their Independence Day.It is to commemorate declaration of Independence of Peru from Spanish rule in 1821, they celebrate the day. It’s the conflicts began in 1811 at Peru ended up with the declaration of Independence.

Independence Day celebrations in Peru lasts for three days.In 2014, celebration on Independence Sunday, on July 27 was colorful and people danced in traditional costumes and enjoyed the day. Patriotic Parades also held at many places on the day. 28 July programs includes parties and festivities with mind blowing fireworks

Google have marked the anniversary of Independence Day with Google Doodles previous years also. Clicking on Google Doodle, you can see the details and search links for Peru Independence Day.

Day after Independence Day, on 29 July also Peruvians celebrate. It’s the day dedicated to honor armed forces and Peruvian National police. Google Doodle will be on Peru homepage for 24 hours on 28 July. Happy Independence Day Peru