Persian New Year Google Doodle 2004 with Haft seen ingredients

Persian New Year also known as Nowruz is observed mainly in Iran as a national holiday lasting 13 days. In Persian calendar Nowruz means new day and is the name given to the New Year.

Persian New Year Google Doodle 2004
Persian New Year Google Doodle 2004 (March 22, 2004)

Due to this tradition the Persian New Year Google Doodle 2004 with Haft seen ingredients appeared on March 22.Google Doodle included all haftseen table  menu in it. There occurred several changes to this traditional table settings as millenniums passed. There is no clear date of origin for Nowruz festival, but it is believed to be first appeared as Persian New Year during 2nd century AD.

Persian New Year celebrations start at the first day of spring and there will be holiday for schools in those days. The starting of spring season is considered as the beginning of New Year in Persian calendar. Persian New Year is celebrated on the day in which the Northward Equinox occurs.

According to Astrology it occurs on March or the day after or previous of March 21. Also the date is celebrated as Zoroastrian holiday. It has importance as the relationship of Zoroastrian ancestors and Iranians.

The first day of spring is the occasion in which the Sun crosses celestial equator. In that day night and day have equal duration and on the occasion Iranian families gather together for celebration. The tradition of the Persian New Year celebration includes traditional table setting called Haft Sin or “the Seven ‘S’”. The Haft Sin table includes seven items starting with ‘S’ or ‘Sin’ in Persian language.

Haft Sin table setting
Haft Sin table setting [Image Credit :]
In 2010 UN’s General Assembly recognized March 22 as Persian New Year and also described it as a spring festival of Persian tradition which is celebrated over 3000 years.This first official world celebration was occurred at the capital Iran Tehranon 27 March 2010.