Persian New Year 2013 Google Doodle with Tulip

In the year 2013 Google came up with a special doodle in the homepage landed on Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazhakisthan and Azerbaijan to celebrate the Persian New Year. Every year Google comes with special doodles on this day to make the beginning of spring beautiful and wish the people very happy year ahead.

Persian New Year 2013 Google Doodle
Persian New Year 2013(March 21, 2013)

Persian New Year 2013 Google Doodle  included Tulips, ribbon tied over the grass in it. There is great relevance for this in Persian countries. In those places there is a custom of tying ribbon over different small grasses and keeping in home at the New Year day. Here we can see that its Google logo alphabet ‘l’ which is replaced by these images of grass and the letter ‘e’ is formed with the end of ribbon which is tied as bow over the grass.

The inclusion of these images in the doodle added beauty of the Google doodle. It’s the simplicity that we can see in the doodle which make it beautiful and attractive. Northward Equinox is the basis which is used to select the New Year Day. In Iran the New Year day is known as Nawruz. This day is marked as the beginning of New Year and spring probably falls on March 21st every year.

Persian New Year celebration is one of the best celebration of the year and this last for thirteen days in the year. The main programs starts on the last Wednesday of the outgoing year. This day is referred as Red Wednesday. Legends says that the reason for this naming is from the custom of walking over fire on the day which is common on the places were the New Year is celebrated by saying ‘Give me your red’.

Starting on Wednesday it will go with many programs and celebrations. Family members join together in the house to make these celebrations days for Persian New Year best. Cleaning the house before the New Year and throwing off the bad things are common in these day to symbolize the burial of bad from house and waiting for good fortune.

It’s very common to see a special type of arrangement in the meal tables of Persian houses which is termed as 7’s. This seven things which starts with letter ‘s’ symbolically points to rebirth, love, joy, beauty, health and patience.

Last year Google doodle for the Persian New Year included many pictures and crowded decorations in it. We can see a beautiful landscape in that doodle which included ribbon tied grass and tulip flower also as that they included in this year. Mountains, water scenery and trees made that doodle beautiful

Haft Seen Table
Haft Seen Table
[Image Credit :presstv]
A beautifully decorated Haft seen Table are the specialty that we can see common in every house on these days. Many special arrangements are seen on the day to welcome good luck from the beginning of the year. Gold Fishes in a bowl and beautifully decorated eggs are the next things that we can see on the Haft seen tables on the day.

Children go out of the home in groups to the neighboring houses and wish good luck for the future on these celebration days as we can see in Halloween Day. After the long lasting celebrations people will welcome the year with great happiness and enthusiasm. Persian New Year day is the most celebrated holiday over there.