Persian New Year 2009 Google Doodle with Haft Seen Table

Nawruz is the name by which Persian New Year is known. It was on March 20th Persian New Year  2009 was celebrated. It is the 1st day in the Iranian calendar Nawruz is celebrated.

Persian New Year 2009 Google Doodle
Persian New Year 2009 Google Doodle(March 20, 2009)

Celebration of this festival has got deep roots. It was 3000 years back this celebration began according to the legends. It’s the spring festival in Persia and celebrated in grand way by people of all ages over there.

Persian New Year 2009 Google Doodle also perfectly reflects the celebration of the day. We can see the picture of Haft seen table which is common in all houses were Persian New Year is celebrated. It was with logo letter ‘o’ the main inclusion of haft seen ingredients are replaced. Persian New Year includes thirteen day ling celebrations.

This New Year season is a holiday season for kids going to school, so the celebration has got a great participation of children’s. As it’s the holiday season major festivals of the countries are included in this period to have the maximum fun and enjoyment. This is one of the best season of the year when people join together and celebrate by merry making.

Persian New Year 2009 Google Doodle on Google homepage landed on UAE and Afghanistan on March 20th was perfect for the celebration and message of the day as it include the most important thing that can be symbolically point to it in the doodle.

Haftseen Table
Haftseen Table

Every house will have similar decoration that we can see in the doodle on the meal tables. It is the symbol of abundance. There are mainly 7 things included in the Haft seen table arrangement starting from candle to mirror, apple, gold fish and so on.

People will clean their houses to welcome the happiness of New Year with new spirit on this festive season. On New Year day will got visit relatives, friends and other family members and will share the happiness of New Year and distribute sweets and gifts among them. Everywhere on Persian New Year season we can see beautiful decorations.

Persian New Year is not only a time of celebration but also a symbol of faith and togetherness. There is lot of importance for prayer and thanksgiving during this time. With this doodle Google wished a very happy New Year.