Persian New Year 2007 Google Doodle

Persian New Year is celebrated to mark the beginning of spring. It’s will be commonly on 21st of March. Nawruz is the alternative named used to represent the New Year by the Iranian people. According to the Iranian calendar Nawruz marks the beginning of the spring as well as beginning of the year.

Persian New Year 2007 Google Doodle
Persian New Year 2007(March 21, 2007)

Persian New Year 2007 Google Doodle  included small green plants in it which is associated of New Year in Persian countries. They plat wheat, barley plant in the houses and decorate it using ribbons of different colors. It’s in the place of Google ‘o’ designer included this green cluster of plants. The plants are spouted days before the Nowruz and is thrown out after few days. Google always come up with doodles which associate with the celebration every year. It commonly uses the ingredients that are seen on the meal table of the New Year day.

The main celebration of the New Year starts on the last Wednesday of the year. On that day people will walk over the fire saying give me your red. This Wednesday of the outgoing year is referred as the Red Wednesday from early times. After that the party begins in houses. All members of the family join together for celebrations. Cleaning the houses before the festival is a common tradition which is seen on all places where this New Year is celebrated. This symbolizes throwing out of all bad things. Similarly when the fire dies out the ashes are taken and buried out.

Persian New Year
Haft seen table
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There is a special form of arrangements seen in the meal tables on the day which is known as 7’s arrangement. Persian New Year is commonly known as revival day. So in order to associate with rebirth Sabzeh is kept on the table.

Sib is the name in which Apple is known in the native language it is kept on the table for good health and beauty. Serkeh is kept for patience and Senjed for love on the Haft seen table on the New Year day. Sweet pudding is also main among the dishes of Persian New Year.

Apart from this there is a custom that children will visit the nearby houses and wish adults which commonly takes place in the western countries on Halloween day. There is also traditions of keeping live gold fishes in a bowl to welcome the good luck on the New Year.

Decorated eggs are also kept on the Haft seen table. In almost all places where the celebration takes place we can see a beautifully decorated Haft seen table. The day is very important and is celebrated with great respect in many areas. Google also decorated its homepage for the Persian New Year with this doodle. Simplicity reveals the correct beauty it’s this doodle tells us.  Many other cultural festivals, sports competitions and games takes place in this season. It’s a very special day where ever it’s been observed.