Persian New Year 2006 doodle in Haft Seen Table design

Persian New Year is observed mainly in Iran as a national holiday lasting 13 days.  Nowruz , also celebrated in Central Asia, Northwestern China, Caucasus, Crimea and some regions in Balkans.

Persian New Year 2006 doodle
Persian New Year 2006 (March 20, 2006)

Persian New Year occasion is national holiday for all people and start at the first day of spring. Starting of spring season is considered as the beginning of New Year in Persian calendar. Persian New Year is celebrated on the day in which the Northward Equinox occurs.

The Persian New Year is also celebrated as Zoroastrian holiday. Persian New Year has importance as it has related to Zoroastrian ancestors and Iranians.The occasion in which Sun crosses celestial equator is considered as the first day of spring. On this time the night and day will have equal duration.

Google Persian New Year 2006 doodle appeared on 26th March. Traditional table setting called Haft Sin or “the Seven ‘S’” is an important custom during the celebration. The Haft Sin table includes seven items starting with ‘S’ or ‘Sin’ in Persian language. In this Persian New Year 2006 Google doodle , the 7 items are there as in the form of letters of Google logo.

Traditional table setting called Haft Seen
Traditional table setting called Haft Sin

There is not a clear evidence about the origin of the Persian New Year. It is believed that it is first appeared as first appeared as Persian New Year during 2nd century AD.

Although Persian New Year is an traditional festival, UN’s General Assembly recognized March 22 as Persian New Year only in 2010. Adding to this UN described it as a spring festival of Persian tradition which is celebrated over 3000 years. It is in the capital Iran Tehranon ,27 March 2010 the first official celebration of this festival occurred.