Persian New Year 2005 Google Doodle

Persian New Year is known by the name Nawruz. It’s a special and colorful day in the places where it’s observed. Google published a special logo in its homepage in United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan. The celebration day of Nawraz falls mainly on March 20th. In some years there comes slight variation for in the celebration dates as it mainly depends up on Northward equinox.

Persian New Year 2005 Google Doodle
Persian New Year 2005(March 20, 2005)

Persian New Year is celebrated by many religious and cultural groups. They follow lots of special customs for the celebration of the day. Persian New Year is celebrated exactly on the day in which sun crosses the equinox. Persian New Year is celebrated to mark up the end of winter season and the starting of spring. It’s the very first day of Iranian calendar. Persian New Year is a festival which lasts for thirteen days. People all over celebrate it with dance, music, feasting and parties.

Persian New Year celebrations major part is feasting on special traditional dishes. Google doodle that appeared on this special New Year doodle also included the pictures of the common traditional dishes that table on this day. Haft seen table arrangement has got great significance on the Persian New Year day. In the Google doodle also we can see the beautifully arranged Haft seen table model. Persian New Year 2005 Google Doodle consisted of Google logo letters with the special ingredients to add color before the day. In the doodle we can see that the Google alphabet ‘o’ is replaced with a mirror. Two lighted candles on beautiful candle stands on both side of logo gave a special attraction for the doodle. Lighten candles symbolizes the new beginning on the New Year.

Haft seen table
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 We can see specially designed plates, garlic, fruits, fish, fishbowl, apple on the Google doodle. Inclusion of these made the doodle colorful. There is a meaning for keeping this items and dishes on the dining table of the New Year day. Every items that is seen on the table symbolically points to some ideas. It’s said to be 7s’s arrangement. Sabzeh symbolizes the rebirth as the Persian New Year is celebrated as the revival day. Apple kept on the table is for gaining beauty and health. Iranian name of apple is sib. Sweet pudding is a special tasty dish seen on the Haft seen table which is made of wheat germ for affluence. They also include special food items that represents love know by senjed and for representing the patience and old age serkeh. Samhaq is kept for representing sunrise.

Apart from these decorated eggs which represent the fertility, Goldfish in a fish bowl and holy books are also kept on the traditional table on that day. It’s a very special day for them. Several ethnic groups all over the world celebrate this day as the New Year and start a new beginning. Special prayers and rituals takes place in the worship places on this day. Traditional sports and games competitions are held in the places where the Persian New Year is observed.

Persian New Year is also known by variety of names in variety of places. Nohroor, Nouruz, Noroz, Nauryz are some names used for representing Persian New Year in different places.