Google India home page show off peanut gallery chrome experiment

Google recently updates its chrome browser with web speech API. Through which web applications can controls through natural languages. Today Google India home page show off peanut gallery chrome experiment. It lets the users to add their voice to old film clips.

peanut gallery chrome experimentWhen you go through the Google India home page today you will able to see a new link just under the searching bar. It shows as ‘make a silent film by talking to chrome’. It is nothing but peanut gallery chrome experiment. In normal method we have to go through the official site to launch this experiment. Now users can access it directly from Google India home page.

peanut gallery chrome experiment

Peanut gallery is an innovative chrome experiment that let the user to add intertitles to old film clips. When you clock on the new link appeared within the Google India home page you gets redirected to the site – There you can see a number of old film clips. It includes clips from phantom of the opera, The cheat, Voyage to the moon, The cabinet of Dr. Caligary, The kid…Etc.

You can select any clips from available within the site at your own wish. Once you click on any of those clips a message box will appeared on the screen. It will show off a microphone symbol with notification ‘you have to say something to begin the move’. Chrome also asks for you to access microphone to gets your voice.

After you play off the clip you have to say the dialogues to add the intertitles to the clip. The clips gone for still mode while you talking to the clip; it is to add your voice to the clip. You can easily understand the lip moments as the clips plays in comparatively slow mode. You have to speak loud to add intertitles.

Peanut gallery chrome experiment

The basic things to be followed while you adding voice to the clips
  • You have to speak to the clip loudly and clearly. Says the dialogues according to the lip movements that appeared within the clips.
  • You have to mute or turns off other sounds that disturb the recording from your PC.
  • Your sentences must be very clear, that is you have to use only regular dictionary words.
  • Says the dialogues at correct time by concentrating in the clip.

When you have complete the clip with your own voice the peanut gallery lets you to share it with your friends. It gives an impression that we make a perfect dubbing for old age movies. So get access the peanut gallery chrome experiment right from your Google homepage.