St. Patrick’s Day 2000 Green Google Doodle

St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrating in order to commemorate the famous saint on his death anniversary on 17th March. Google dedicated a special doodle on this special Day by remembering him. The St. Patrick’s Day is also known as ‘Feast of Saint Patrick’ or ‘the Day of the Festival of Patrick’.

St. Patrick's Day 2000 Green Google Doodle
St. Patrick’s Day 2000 (March 17, 2000)

Saint Patrick was one of the well-known patron saints of Ireland. He is recognized for the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. In early 17thcentury St. Patrick’s Day was considered and celebrated as official feast day. But as time moves it deformed as a cultural feast celebrated particularly in Ireland. The one of most important custom on this special occasion is wearing the green attire. Other special routines are attending church, parades and processions, restrictions on eating and alcohol drinking which is proscribed during rest of the whole season.

St. Patrick's, principal champion of Irish Christianity
St. Patrick’s, principal champion of Irish Christianity
[ Image Credit : Andreas F. Borchert ]
In the Google doodle released on 17th March, 2000, all the letters in Google logo is written with Green. It is saying that St. Patrick was used a three leaved plant known as the shamrock to explain about Holy Trinity to the people of Irish. It is become the unique feature of the day to wear and display shamrocks and shamrock-inspired designs. On the celebration people wear green hats and other accessories, wears green dress etc.

In 1798 as a part of rebellion, Irish soldiers wore Green uniform to make political statement and catch the public’s attention. So in order to convey the importance of the day symbolically Google changed the color of logo and included a green hat on the top of the letter ‘o’. Also there is a three leaved plant known as the shamrock on the top of the hat in St. Patrick’s Day 2000 Green Google Doodle.

St. Patrick’s Day is declared as public holiday in Republic of Ireland, Newfoundland and Labrador, Montserrat and Northern Ireland. It is also widely celebrated in other countries like United States, Canada, Great Britain, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia.