Celebrate Canada Day by exploring parliament hill with Google Maps

Today on July 1st 2013 the Canadians celebrates 146th Independence Day of the country. On this day the Search giant Google put a special Doodle to make Canada day day more memorable. Now celebrate Canada Day by exploring parliament hill with Google Maps.

parliament hill with Google MapsWe can see a special Doodle today in Google Canada to celebrate country’s 146th Independence Day. On this day it becomes very special to visit the capital of Nation to watch the amazing fireworks and other programs. Now you can make a virtual visit toCanada’s democracy withstreet of parliament hill with Google Maps.

Google provide an amazing opportunity to both Canadians and also to other viewers to get touch with Canadian parliament. Parliment hill with Google Maps mainly enriches with the spectacular view of center block. It is a place where the heart of Canadian democracy laid. It is not at all easy to make a direct visit to Canadian parliament.

The virtual tour to the parliament hill with Google Maps opens the door house of commons. You can make a right journey to speaker’s chair by watching the beauty of parliament building. You will definitely get amazed by the magnificent paintings of red chamber. It counts more than 80 years since those paintings give beauty to the parliament hills.explore parliment hill with Google Maps

You can also go through confederation hall of the Canadian parliament which reminds you the history of Canadian democracy. The virtual tour to the majestic library of parliament hills make you realize how much the government gives importance for acquiring knowledge. As parliament hill with Google Maps providing high quality imagery we get a real life experience of vising to parliament hill.

Google also reported that they will update this imagery in coming weeks. But on this special day it becomes special to all Canadians and for other Nation to get an opportunity to make a virtual tour to parliament hill. Google once again proved how their technology makes people’s life better.