Parent’s Day South Korea Google Doodle

Google homepage landed in South Korea is decorated with beautiful carnation flower on Parent’s day 2013. May 8th have been special for them from years. The day is specially dedicated by Koreans to show their respect for their parents.

Parent’s Day South Korea Google Doodle The entire Google logo letters are designed with beautiful flowers and leaves. We can see the picture of a happy family inside the flowers including father, mother and four children. The inclusion of carnation flower in Parent’s Day South Korea Google Doodle has got some meaning. People in Korea usually wish their parents on this day by giving this flower. Google have always come up with special doodles on this day. Last year also Google similarly decorated homepage with carnation flower on Parent’s day.

Carnation flower are commonly used as the symbol of Mother’s day. It was Anna Jarvis who fought for the celebration of Mother’s day choose it as the flower dedicated for Mother’s. In Korea May 8th was celebrated as Mother’s day before but now they celebrate the day as Parent’s day.

The day is celebrated in a grant way all over in Korea. Parents are treated as king on the day.  People all over arrange special programs on the day to make their parents happy. It’s common to see people taking parents to their favorite restaurants, picnic spots and places on the day.

Parents are the real gift of God. So a day to honor them for what they do for their family has got great value and importance. The entire day is celebrated with fun, music and grand parties all over the country. Here Google also took a step to honor the leading lights of the family on the day dedicated for them with this special beautiful doodle.

The use of red carnation in doodle is to show their respect for parents as this is the symbol of respect according to the Korean culture. Commonly in all countries we can see separate day for honoring fathers and mothers but Koreans honor them together on one day. This symbolically say that fathers and mothers are ultimately having equal roles in the family. Google doodle in the homepage of Korea on this day is the clear reflection of respect for parents.