Pakistani Google, Apple, Microsoft sites get hacked

The unauthorized access or hacking is one of the methods that thrash the security as well as the reputation of a service. Pakistani Google, Apple, Microsoft sites get hacked. It is done by Turkish hackers called Eboz on 24th November 2012. The hackers also attacked many .pk domains.Pakistani Google, Apple, Microsoft sites get hacked

In recent week we had seen the shutdown of many Israeli sites. Those hacked sites include Skype MSN and live services. That is the services which are the users admire for the most. They also exploit many Government based sites. The analysts guesses that the same group is behind under the overtake of Pakistani Google, also included, appears to be out of work.

It is reported that the internet attack over Pakistan region is took over by Turkish hackers named Eboz. In total Eboz hacked 313 different sites from all possible parts. It is clear that Pakistani internet is slow down instantly and it seems to be completely closed as the top level domains are got hacked. The Pakistani site hacking becomes a globally disscussive one as the most secure Google service gets hacked.

When you search for Google Pakistan you will see a blank page where there is no Google logo and search bar. Instead of official Google logo you can find out there two penguins walking over the bridge. Above of that picture the hackers wrote some messages in Turkish language. The translation of that messages says like this “Homies in a friend always there for me. Have not shot by me in every breath”. They had also wrote ‘Pakistan downed’ under that picture which is updated by the hackers.

According to the reports Google is on keen experiments to retrieve the service as soon as possible. They also confused about why Pakistani edition get hacked and by whom? Google is the only search engine service that with more than 90% holds in all regions across the world. One of the main reasons for its dominance is the security measures provided by it.

The safe browsing APIs two step verifications SSL encryptions spam filters are the major security tools offers by the Google for safer online activities. None of other services have these kinds of security tools. Google also provides most secured protocols over its services. The data format and update process also promises the security. So that the hacking of Google service over Pakistan edition makes a big impact on internet world.

Other than Google service the Pakistan version of Apple and Microsoft also get attacked. So the hackers meant for to closing down all major sites and services. They had written on the sites as “Why we have waste our time to hack Pakistani sites? Just because convey our message. We warned you and we are willing to fix your vulnerability but you think we are jokers and you guys took it as a joke yes it is time to bang you guys”. Users hope for the best for retrieval of shut down services as soon as possible.

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