Google+ now offers page recommendations for mobile news site

Most of all time we used our Smartphone to connect with internet to connect with our friends and for doing other online tasks. Searching for news and articles is one among them. Google+ now offers page recommendations for mobile news site so that you can find out the best one in no time.

page recommendations for mobile news siteThrough the new feature of Google users can find out the best ever articles on internet those are linked by one factor. This feature is available for both android and iOS. It can suggest similar articles, posts coming under same subject or by same author. Web developers can simply implement this feature in their mobile websites through adding a simple line of JavaScript in the desired site.

Once the developer enables the features within the mobile site you can see a G+ button at the bottom of the page. It only can be seen if you had sign in with your Google account. The recommendation button will brings you the right articles or news you have searched for. It works across wide range of devices such as android 2.3.3 or later and iOS 5 or later.

Why Google+

  • Google+ is the completely different social networking service from the internet search giant Google. Google + have 500 million registered users today. It provides a cleaner and user friendly interface.
  • The making of a Google+ profile is much easier than any other profile creation within other sites. As everyone today have a Google account the personal data you have included in it automatically imported to your Google+ account.
  • The circles within Google+ allow adding friends to different categories. So that you can share and communicate with the only persons you wish to do that. You can add and remove the friends to a particular circle through drag and dropping.
  • Hangout is the most focusing feature of Google+. It allows to make group video calling up to 10 persons. You can also chat with a particular person through chat box while others are talking each other.
  • The real-time stream within Google+ brings the different posts from your friends automatically on your profile. Also the comments will automatically appeared on the posts.