Overview on CES 2013 day 3 announcements

As we saw in the last two days CES 2013 many new trend and techniques were introduces by number of brands in this day too. It was Panasonic, Samsung, Lenovo and Intel which came up with a new trend on this day.  Here is an overview on CES 2013 day 3 announcements.Overview on CES 2013 day 3 announcements

The main attraction of CES 2013 day 3 was the phone by Samsung with Youm screen. Samsung guarantees that this Youm screen is flexible and will not break even if it falls down. Eight core Exynos chip processor were introduced by Samsung on the third day which is meant for high performance gamming platform. Exynos Octa chip runs of dual quad core setup and more details will be published about this new processor with in few days. ARM big. LITTLE/CORTEX A 15 architecture is used to design this high performance processor.

Panasonic came up with new Tough pad tablets for Windows 8 and Android users. Tough pad is available in different size in which the 10 inch FZ-G1 is designed to run on Windows 8 Pro. Panasonic also introduced their Viera 2013 on this day which has got both Android and iOS compatibility. Voice control, facial recognition and personalized apps are the other features of Viera.

IdeaPhone K900 is with what Lenovo came up with in the CES 2013. Intel dual core 2GHz atom processor is used in IdeaPhone K900. This smartphone includes many outstanding features including 5.5 inch display screen with high resolution view. Lenovo IdeaPhone K900 is believed to be a good competitor for the other brands in the Smart technology.

Asus unveiled the upcoming tablet of the company on CES 2013. It’s said that this All in One PC is compactable with both windows and Android platforms. It has got an 18.4 inch screen with high resolution view. It can be also converted in to an ordinary tablet by detaching from the stand. Company announced that the changeover from one OS to other can be done with a single press of button.

powershot N cameraPowerShot N camera of Canon was something new and innovative release of the day. The camera is designed for easy handling with high output. The size of the camera is very small but it constitute of 12.1 megapixel sensor. It’s a Wi Fi enabled camera with attractive design. LCD screen with touch menus makes camera good for use. Canon PowerShot N is designed with the inclusion of all existing trends. Wi Fi connectivity enables the instant sharing of images Android and iOS devices.

Consumer Electronic Show 2013 third day unveiled many other new technologies and products. Participations of companies in this technical treat have increased in a good percentage as per the report says. More and more products will be released in the next days of this event. Camera, phone, tablets and PC’s in smart technologies and Android technologies were the major announcements took place in the technical show till now. We can wait for more and more products in the following days.