Outlook.com add advanced mail rules and new chat options

Microsoft want to make Outlook.com mail service with all important features users expect for. So today Microsoft announced the addition of new advanced mail rules and inline replies for it’s Outlook.com mail service, will roll out new features in coming weeks for the users.

Outlook.com add advanced mail rules and new chat options

Even an average mail users get 10 to 20 mails in a single day and every users like to see only the important mail at top within their inbox. With advanced mails rules from Microsoft you can create different actions and conditions for mails arrives within your inbox.

For make it in parctical Outlook.com add different options like mail tallying, time constraints, state of mails…Etc. In the way you will only see the mails that are matter to you within the top of your inbox. At same time you never miss any important mails real people from your contacts.


You can also ‘undo’ your actions like delete, move, flag, marking…etc with advanced rules on Outlook.com. So that your mails never goes to wrong place by your mistake. For providing effortless chatting Microsoft also bringing inline chatting to Outlook.com, can respond right from the email thread, don’t have to open new view within the service.

You can also easily switch between different chat service like Skype and Facebook right from Outlook.com, can see all available people from different service at one place.  At same time you can go offline/online for the desired service. You can also access recent conversations and other contacts right from the inbox, to make quick view over contacts.

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