Glider King Otto Lilienthal’s 166th Birthday Google Doodle

Today, on 23rd May, Google Germany is celebrating Glider King Otto Lilienthal’s 166th Birthday with Google Doodle. It’s in 1848,  Lilienthal was born at Anklam.

Otto Lilienthal's 166th Birthday Google Doodle
Otto Lilienthal’s 166th Birthday Google Doodle(May 23, 2014)

Google Doodle for  Lilienthal, included him as demonstrating flight near to hill. The type of gliders he introduced after continuous research on airfoils and birds is depicted in doodle. You can also see Google logo and viewers watching his experimental flight in doodle.

Lilienthal, in his research period made numerous air flights. Its these model later

Otto Lilienthal
Otto Lilienthal[Image]
became inspiration for Wright Brothers.  Lilienthal was successful in flying about 25 meters with his gliders at the beginning stage itself. Monoplanes, Biplanes, wing flapping aircraft, all these include in his models.

Many photographers took photographs of  Lilienthal and he became a notable personality of the time. He was also known as ‘Father of Flight’ in Germany. Small accidents were usual in flying experiments and it was on 9 August 1896,  Lilienthal went for his last flight, severely injured in an attempt, died on 10 August 1896.

The Lilienthal Monument at Berlin, Berli Tegel ‘Otto  Lilienthal’ Airport,  Lilienthal Museum in Germany are symbols of respect and honor for his great influence in aviation and wing aerodynamics. Wright Brothers have mentioned ones Lilienthal as the most inspired personality in making aircraft.

Google Doodle at homepage of Germany on  Otto Lilienthal’s, the pioneer of aviation on his 166th birthday is a honor by search giant.