Upcoming Moto X features magical glass for screen protection

Only a few days left for the official announcement of Moto X Smartphone. We got a number of features about this upcoming phone and now in addition a new info about the screen. The Upcoming Moto X features magical glass for screen protection.

Moto X features magical glassGoogle wants to provide a Smartphone that completely satisfied the users wants. The leaked specifications of Moto X Smartphone highlighting this target. The new layer within the Moto X Smartphone called as magical glass, It is a specially designed corning gorilla glass. The corning gorilla glass is molded into special polymer to develop more protective screen for Moto X.

As Moto X features magical glass the entire front and edges of device covered by this sheet. The magical glass for Moto X made a zero gap between the back of the phone. It gives off more protective nature for upcoming Motorola phone. It is to be noted that a well protective qualified screen itself is one of the key factor of every Smartphone.

Other than Moto X features magical glass it is also reportedly have laminated aluminum structure for light weight. Such a design also provide stunning look for the upcoming Google phone. So Moto X becomes very easy to handle as it have a light weight structure.Moto X features laminated aluminium structure

It is reported earlier that Moto X will have always on voice commands feature. That you can make voice commands to the phone without having the launch of any specified application. It powers through Google Now service. The smart updates system within the phone also brings right informations which the user need.

The new photo feature within Moto X phone allows you to launch the camera with one twist. Also you only have to touch anywhere on the screen to make a shot. Also it will runs on android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system. The detailed specifications and price tag will announce on 1st August by Motorola authorities.