LG Optimus G2 launch confirmed for August 7

Recently we heard about the report that LG’s next flagship phone will hit Snapdragon 800 processor. Now here is the official confirmation. LG Optimus G2 launch confirmed for  7th August New York event. The Korean company sends out formal invitation and a teaser video officially.

Optimus G2 launch LG will reportedly hosting a technical event on 7th August in New York City. It is one of the best ever teasers for an upcoming handset till date.  In the tease video we can see that the man behind the scene prompt to see a notification of ‘To me, You are perfect, From G’ everywhere in the New York City. At the end of the video it is also show off “Great 2 Have you!’ It clearly highlighted the upcoming Optimus G2 launch.

From the report of Snapdragon 800 processor itself we can hope that Optimus G2 going to be one of the best Smartphone from LG. So the next flagship phone from LG provides lightning fast processing speed for its users. Snapdragon 800 processor can support ever fast LTE network. Also to be noted that it can even support Advanced LTE network. As Korean network started providing LTE-A there is also a chance for LG to be hit with it.upcoming optimus g2

Also the ultra-HD video playback and high quality audio confirmed through this processor. Upcoming LG Optimus G2 will have a full HD display with resolutions 2560*2048px. The Company didn’t reveal about the screen size. But it is sure that Optimus G2 will have a large screen.

LG Optimus G2 will features with next generation mobile technology. As the competition between the android manufactures becomes stronger and stronger in each day it is their duty to introduce new technologies in the field. We can hope that the upcoming Optimus G2 will make the dominance same as that of Optimus G Pro. The detailed specifications about this phone will report very soon.