Opera Ice for Android and iOS unveiled officially

Opera is the most common browser in every computers and Smartphones, have 270 million users. New version of opera browser now out for mobile users. Opera Ice for Android and iOS unveiled officially, can be download from app store and play store in short time.

Opera Ice for Android and iOS unveiled officiallyOpera Ice is a touch interface browser for Smartphones and tablet, featured with gesture replacing buttons and icons in home screen itself. Another major change that had done by Opera team in their new browser is they use WebKit technology rather than Presto. It is layout engine software that allows the particular browsers to render the webpages.

Until now this technology is used by Google and Apple. One of the major specifications of Safari and Google chrome is WebKit technology itself, written in C++ and uses HTML and JavaScript. It manages the back-forward listing and history of webpages in the particular browser. So the release of WebKit powered Opera Ice made a rival to Safari and Google chrome.

The developers replace the tabs in the Opera ice browser with icons. So users can access the new page via search or typing the desired URL. Opera Ice browser focused on to provide secured browsing experience to the users. It will instantly block the malicious sites and keep secured browsing through live notifications to the user. It is also provide smooth and fast browsing. The bookmarking of web pages is completely different in Opera Ice. You have to tap a part of the page which you have to bookmark. Then put an icon in the starting screen of browser. It helps you to get into the desired age right from the home page. Opera Ice also good at JavaScript processing so that it can easily show off the web contents to the users.