Google doodle marked Opening of the Acropolis Museum 2009

Opening of the Acropolis Museum was announced by a Google doodle on the home page of Google Greece. It was on 20th June 2009 Acropolis Museum was open to the world after many controversies.

Opening of the Acropolis Museum doodle
Opening of the Acropolis Museum(June 20, 2009)

Opening of the Acropolis Museum doodle which was included in the collection of Google doodles for Opening of the Acropolis Museum included image of Parthenon, one of the ancient temple of Acropolis in it. It was the alphabets ‘o’ replaced the image in the doodle. To make its awareness on the nation Google have also included the image of national flag in it.

Google includes special doodles on the homepage for special occasions like birthdays of eminent personalities, national days, festivals and anniversaries of historic events. Apart from this they also include doodles on the certain special occasions to announce about the current events that took place in the country.

Acropolis Museum
Acropolis Museum
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Recently it was to announce the naming of Mount Fuji in list of heritage site the Fuji world heritage doodle was published on the homepage of Japan. Likewise Opening of the Acropolis Museum doodle was published on homepage of Greece to announce the current event which was going to take place on that day.

There are about 4000 unique objects in the museum that is exhibited for the public. Acropolis Museum covers about 14000 square meters. It was after many controversies and discussions this Museum was constructed and open for the public on June 20th of 2009.

There were many problems regarding the plot and construction of building of the Museum. Now this Museum is the symbol of outstanding skills of human thinking and hard work. Many awards are given to this historical building after the construction including the AIA institute Honor Architecture Award of 2011.