Use one number system with Google voice for all telephony services

Google voice is a new communication tool that redefine the currently existing telephony system. The one number system with Google voice can be used for your mobiles, work phone, office phone, voice mail…Etc.

one number system with google voiceGoogle voice allows you to integrated the all important number and make the communication much faster. The Google voice number itself is the core of this service. Google voice can be used independent of carriers and phones you used.

Once you integrate with your telephone to new Google voice a call coming to Google voice number will ring that phone which is integrated to it.  As everyone has Gmail account this service can be easily achieved. You simple sign in with your Gmail account to access google voice and click on get a Google number. You can choose your own Google number from the list. But you must notice about selection. Google let the user to choose the area code. After the confirmation of terms and conditions of Google you will be activated your Google voice number.

How to active one number system with Google Voice

  • Sign in with your Gmail account.
  • Follow the link (
  • Choose for your Google voice number.
  • Forward this number to your working phone.
  • Integrate other telephone  numbers to Google Voice number.

The one number system with Google voice allows integration of maximum 6 numbers to the service. Once you active the the service all the integrated telephone numbers will ring at the time of calling. It is to be noted that ringing time of integrated numbers depending upon the time schedule you have given to each numbers through Google voice. This service also allows you to make voice mail and texting.

Google voice contains the contact information of yours once you configure with these contacts you can route each person’s to your desired phone at your wish.  Google voice also allows conference calls that you can make calls to three other persons through Google voice number.

During the call is being proceed you can save the conversation as a voice  mail by simply press 4 on your cell. You can also change your calls from one phone to another at   your wish.  If you have a dream then Google have a platform to accomplish it into a reality.