One fourth of total applications in Google Play vulnerable to security attacks

The Google Play never gets shortened as online application storage unique place for entertainment the stuffs you needs. But now the security analysts reported that one fourth of total applications in Google Play vulnerable to security attacks.One fourth of total applications in Google Play vulnerable to security attacks.

According to latest survey report the security of Android platform gets down by the presence of insecure applications. It is reported that more than 290000 Android applications can causes negative impact on users by accessing the personal data. The degree of vulnerability differs in those applications but most of them dangerous up to change the system settings and can destroy the secured ecosystem. That is more than 72% of total Android applications requested the users for risky permissions that affect the users negatively. One of the most downloaded applications from Google Play is Rovio’s Angry Birds. But we can found different alternative to this popular applications in Google Play where only four original applications out of 115.

The applications from different publishers are gets categorized checks up for security. The report says that the numbers of trustworthy applications in Google Play are very little. It is also points out the fact that application developers only focused on money not on the effectiveness of application. More than 25% of total applications on Google Play access personal information for illegal actions. It is about 10000 application will comes under this category.

Most of these applications try to access the personal information right from emails and contacts. It is cleared that most of the applications in our devices are suspicious and prone to some kinds of security attacks. These applications access the information with right content without having our knowledge. Upon different categorization most applications are highly looking up for personal data location data and for accessing personal informations through phone calls and emails.

  1. It counts 795 malware attacks affect android platform.
  2. 44% of total android users stick on android 2.3 Gingerbread which is very vulnerable to security threats.
  3. Root kits also cause major threats.