Israeli Pop icon Ofra Haza gets a Google Doodle on 57th Birthday

Wednesday’s Google Doodle in Israeli homepage is dedicated to iconic singer Ofra Haza. It’s to mark 57th Birthday of Ofra, search giant changed logo on Google Israel , 19 November 2014.

Ofra Haza Google Doodle
Ofra Haza Google Doodle(November 19, 2014)

Doodle for Ofra Haza portraits her at center, singing in white dress with golden accessories. Logo alphabets are included in Golden italics in logo. Ofra was introduced to the world of singing at age 12. Bezalel Aloni, the local troupe manager were Haza started singing career recognized her talent and encouraged her.

Ofra Haza, by the age of 19 became a popular star in Israel. The Madonna of East, musical journalists of the time praised her and her voice. Al Ahavot Shelanu or Our Love was Ofra’s first album. Widely accepted by Israeli Radio Audience and stayed in Top 1 position for consecutive five weeks.

Eurovision Song Contest held on 1983 change Haza’s career. Reaching second in contest, Haza’s fame reached new heights. In following years, many of her songs were released with Platinum and Golden Status. Chai, the album released in 1983 is the most sold album of Ofra and the title track was selected as the No 1 of year.

Born on November 19, 1957  Haza’s childhood was filled with music and songs. Introduced by her mother she was close to Yemenite music, it was her album Yemenite Songs in 1984  gave her international break and recognition. Until her death due to Aids related illness on 2000 February 23 at the age of 42, Haza was active in singing. Many song with national and international recognition were sung by Haza in her career. Before her death, she became an icon as a singer, actress and song writer.

Many Tributes and honors were bestowed to Haza both during her life time and also after her death. Her love for children inspired Jaffa Municipality and the Tel Aviv Development Fund to rename portion of public park at Hatikva to her name on the occasion of her 7th death anniversary.

Google Doodle for Ofra Haza will be present for 24 hours in Google Israel homepage leading to search page for Ofra Haza, clicking on it.