Odysseas Elytis101st Birthday doodle to celebrate by Google

Odysseas Elytis101st Birthday doodle landed on Greece and Cyprus on 2nd November him. His family was settled in Athens. Nea Grammata was the magazine in which the first and everlasting poem of Elytis was published.

odysseas elytis101st birthday doodle by Google
Odysseas Elytis 101st Birthday (November 2, 2012)

Google honored this great personality with this special doodle on his 101st birthday. Doodle was published in Cyprus and Greece.Google doodle was perfect reflection of Elytis lifelong activity.Odysseas Elytis101st Birthday doodle consisted Elytis figure in it. He was a man devoted to Hellenism in today’s aspect.

Pictures of tree, boat, grapes and book in the Odysseas Elytis101st Birthday doodle give out the value of his literature work. The placement of grapes and tree in logo letters ‘o’ and the replacement of ’l’ in the logo with the picture of Elytis were an imaginative work. Designer had conveyed the message about the specialty of the day pictorially through Odysseas Elytis101st Birthday doodle.

Odysseas Elytis was born on 2ndNovember 1911. It was on 1935 he first appeared with his poetic work on a magazine named Nea Grammate. He introduced his ways and styles in all his work and this was widely accepted.

odysseas elytis101st birthday doodle on Google
Odysseas Elytis(1911-1996)

In 1937 he worked as a military officer in National military school of Corfu. He was then appointed as 1stlieutenant during the war time .Throughout the war and also after that he published a large number of poems and essays. In 1945 he became the program director of national radio foundation. Odysseas was the president of administrative council of Greek radio and television. He was also a member of national theaters administrative council.

Elytis was honored with many awards and titles in his life time. He was awarded the first state poetry award in the year of1960. In1965 Elytis was given the order of brigade, in 1975 he was announced as the honorary citizen of Mytilene. In that same year he was proclaimed as the Doctor Honoris Causa of philosophical school of Thessaloniki university .Elytis was also a winner of Nobel Prize for literature in 1979.

Some of Elytis famous works are the thrill of love, the light tree and the fourteenth beauty, Sun-The first, Orientations, Six plus one remorse for the sky, The sovereign sun, To axion Esti,Step poems, The monogram, Second writing, signal books, the magic of pappadiamantis and many more.

Elytis continuously travelled around the world and contributed many valuable works to the world. He was a multitalented personality who showed efficiency in all areas he entered. He was died on March 18th 1996.