The re-elected President Obama’s victory photo re-creates the Facebook like record

Americans once again selected Barack Obama for the president position because the hardly believed that the best is yet to comes from him.The re-elected President Obama’s victory photo re-creates the Facebook like record. It re-creates the Facebook like record with 5.2 million likes and thrashing all other previous records.

Obama’s victory photo re-creates the Facebook like recordThe official Facebook page of Barack Obama have 32.8 million likes, one of the most liked FB pages ever. It shows how deeply the people are loved and respect the elegant politician. On 6th November 2012 Barack Hussien Obama wins in the electrol collage with 303 delegates. After the result had announced the reputed US President posted a photo of him with his wife celebrate the victory in his Official FB page. In short time the number of likes on that photo turns to 5.2 million.

The most special photo still gets likes at every moment. It had thrashes the all other records of Justin Bieber and Gangnam style those are holds this record previously. The popularity and impact of this most remarkable photo not just shortened to Facebook, The same photo also creates new records in globally popular Twitter.

President Obama had post the same image with message ‘four more years’ in official Twitter account on the same day that he posted the photo in FB. Now it had been retweeted 775000 times. Obama have 22 million followers which is one of remarkable records in Twitter. Two months ago the popular Canadian Musician Justin Bieber had posted a condolence in Twitter on the death of his fan who died because of cancer. It had been retweeted 227000 times and became a record which continues until Obama’s post.

The greatest achievements of Barack Hussein Obama as president:

  1. He improved the American economy from totally depressed zone.
  2. The CIA team traced out the location of former head of al-Qaeda Osama Bin Laden and finished him on 1st May 2011. CIA team reported this operation intelligence to president Obama.
  3. He stopped the Iraq War in December 2011.
  4. To re- regulate the financial section he passed wall street reform and consumer protection act in 2010.
  5. Natural protection and development of efficient power plants.
  6. He expanded the National services.
  7. Passed tobacco Control act in 2009.
  8. Gave great support for new technologies.
  9. Great attention in the field of education.
  10. Passed Hate Crimes Prevention Act in 2009.
  11. Expanded Health care System.
  12. Remarkable steps for cleaned out poverty.
  13. Improved National Safety and Security System.
  14. Strong relationship between other Nations and great support for them.
  15. Obama improved the US image
  16. Fought against Gaddafi and toppled him.

It is very difficult to include all the achievements of President Obama as it a long list. It is only few of that large list. It is required 270 delegates to be winning for second term President Position in electrol collage. Barack Obama wins by 303 delegates and he became the second democratic President of US who won with majority of votes after Roosevelt. The great leadership power keen focus on Nation futuristic vision and also the charismatic character made him one of the best Presidents of America. In his words “The best is yet to come…”.