NSA’s PRISM program is a trusted system: Obama

Between the controversies after the news of NSA’s PRISM program, that leaks data materials of famous tech companies US president Barack Obama came up with the statement on NSA’s PRISM programs trustworthiness on this Friday afternoon.

NSA's PRISM program is a trusted system ObamaObama stated that “No one is listening to your call”. He also added in his speech that to have 100 percentage privacy, 100 percentage security and zero inconvenience is impossible. US is the most powerful nation of the world. So security of the nation is matter of great importance. To collect the details of what is going around the country by collecting information up to a part is matter of cyber security. He said that “if you trust the system you should trust us”

He also included that we have to make decisions as a society and the program is not meant to collect information’s of citizens it’s to assure the national security and to reduce crime rate. With this extensive security program all that means is security, not spoofing or snooping.

National Security agency was formed in 1952 to confirm the security of foreign communication of United Sates including its foreign signal intelligence, foreign communication of US government controlled by Department of defense of US. National security agency of US started the program code named as PRISM in the year 2007.

It was on Wednesday the news of this secret surveillance program to capture all sorts of data accessing the data base of all famous tech companies including Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft were out. It was  Washington post first reported this news. According to the report National security agency capture all the user details including emails, login details, photos, videos and everything through internet.

When the news was revealed Facebook and Google denied the involvement of company in this issue. Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg himself came forward with the statement of non-participation of company with PRISM program of National security agency. Google CEO Larry Page wrote on the official blog post on companies stand on the matter and they have no role in the program.

After all these, with the speech of Barack Obama it became clear that aim of the program to enhance the national security. He repeatedly said that this will not involve US citizen and people living in United States.