Nowruz 2014: Google welcomes New Year with Haft Seen Doodle

Persian New Year also known by Nowruz to mark the beginning of Spring celebrated by Google Doodle on homepage landed on Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Kirghistan and Uzbekistan on 21 March.

Nowruz 2014 Google Doodle
Nowruz 2014 Google Doodle(March 21, 2014)

Google always have presented doodles on homepage for the Persian New Year celebrations. Common in all houses, Haftseen table decorations are chosen as theme for doodle design mostly. You could see ingredients of Haftseen table in the Nowruz 2014 Google Doodle too.

In 2014 Nowruz doodle, entire Google logo is replaced with green grass, Crocus flower,rice, wheat. Haftseen Table on every houses are decorated with all these ingredients on the day. Apart from this bowl with gold fish, eggs decorated with colors, ribbons and fruits are also seen on the table. Arrangement of the table is also known also as 7’s arrangement, with 7 items starting with letter ‘S’ in native language, each pointing to some symbolism’s. Welcoming the new year of joy,love, beauty, patience,rebirth and health, Persians celebrates the entire season with fun and happiness.

Starting from Red Wednesday, Nowruz programs last for thirteen days. Each day of celebration have special meanings and traditions and customs associated with it. Children will go in groups to wish luck in New Year. Special food items are prepared and family members join together to start the new year of hope. People try to keep their house clean and tidy to welcome the year. Cleaning of house symbolizes the trowing out of bad luck for awaiting good luck.

The word Nowruz stands for New Day. Both the beginning of spring season and beginning of the year is celebrated on Nowruz Day depending on Northward Equinox. After thirteen days of grand celebrations and fun, green sprouts are thrown to rivers and lakes showing plants returns to nature and conclude all the festive programs.

As in previous years Google wished everyone the happiness and luck for new year with Nowruz 2014 Google Doodle.