How to get notification for unauthorized access in Facebook

Facebook can never give full guarantee for the security within the service. Your account can be hacked by a third party at anytime. At same time Facebook let you to receive login notifications for you account, help to know about unauthorized access.

notification for unauthorized access in Facebook

Login notifications in Facebook alert you when all your accounts get accessed. It let you to know whether a third person access your FB account or not.  Facebook sends login notifications through SMS and via Email.

Get login notifications in Facebook

  • Click on the gear icon within top right corner of your Facebook page.
  • Select settings from drop down menu.Facebook settings
  • Click on security.
  • Select login notifications and click on edit.login notification
  • Select Email or text message, can set for both to receive login notifications.
  • Hit on save changes.

Facebook also gives informations about where you are logged in and from which device. This option also becomes helpful for logging out from another devices remotely.

  • Select security page from settings.
  • Check ‘where you are logged in’ from bottom of the page.fb location
  • Review the place and devices from the list.
  • Click on end activity to logged out from those devices remotely.

Top image credit : Digitaltrends