Norway’s 200th year of Independence Google Doodle marked with ‘Eidsvold 1814’

Google marks Norway’s 200th year of Independence by Google Doodle. Norwegian Constitution Day is observed every year on 17 May. Today, it’s 200th anniversary of constitution formation,also known as Grunnlovsjubileet 2014 in Norway.

Norway's 200th year of Independence Google Doodle
Norway’s 200th year of Independence Google Doodle(May 17, 2014)

Google Doodle depicts ‘Eidsvold 1814’ in the doodle. Norwegian constitution was adopted in 1814, at Eidsvoll National Assembly, painting ‘Eidsvold 1814’ is the most famous painting picturing the event held on the day.

This historic painting  ‘Eidsvold 1814’  is created by Oscar Arnold Wergeland. Created 70 years after formation of Norwegian constitution, painting is donated to parliament, today also this painting is kept in the hall of Norwegian Parliment.

In the background of this sketched painting in doodle you can see colorful national flag waving. Logo alphabet of Google is also included in doodle.

Eidsvold 1814
Eidsvold 1814[Image]
Constitution Bicentennial in Norway, on 17 May 2014, organized with grand programs will be one of the best events in the year. Wide range of programs are officially organized in the country. Beginning of the functions officially took place on 16 February 2014. Commemorative coins for 00th anniversary of  country were also released at the event.

As the in charge of programs is taken by Parliament, special committee was appointed to organize the events. Edisvoll Building, the actual place were constitution was adopted was damaged, now, its reconstructed to its actual form for making the celebrations more live. This building is a national monument for Norwegians.

Four months of celebrations took place in Norway. Painting contests, exhibitions and seminars held in many places before 17 May. Parades will take place on the day in Norway. Children’s Parade will be the best and will be participated by hundreds of kids. All restaurants and tourist places are filled with crowd , celebrating 200th year of Independence. Google also wished happiness of the day with this doodle on Google Norway homepage.

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