Google’s Norway National Day 2009 doodle

 Norway National Day 2009 doodle was published in the Google homepage to share the happiness with the Norwegians. Google’s Norway National Day 2009 doodle  replaced the alphabet ‘o’ in the logo with the people enjoying the day with music and showing the patriotism with waving the national flag.

Norway National Day 2009 doodle
Norway National Day 2009 doodle (May 16, 2009)

It is common to see children’s parades on the day by dressing up like the people in the Norway National Day 2009 Google doodle in the country on the day. Lakhs of people come and meet at city center of Norway and become the part of National day grand parade.

It was in the year 1814 Norway became an independent nation,  Celebration of the day became popular very soon after the declaration of independence among children, although there was a great objection from the part of king.

During the period 1820 to 1828 there was a restriction in celebration the Norway National Day , May 17th with programs. It was after the Battle of Square the actual observance of the day started with the permission for commemorations programs for those who worked for the nation on the day.

By the 1860’s the celebration Norway National Day got a wider range. Christiania initiated the parade conducted by the children with the participation of boys in the school level in the year 1864 which got wide acceptance and carried out in the future years also.

It took long time till 1899 to make the girls the part of the long parade that takes place annually. Today a huge number of children’s including girls and boys take part in the parade and lots of people gather together to encourage them.

With this beautiful Norway National Day doodle, Google conveyed ,how happily they celebrate the National Day. The symbolic representation of the parade that we can see in doodle makes it perfect for Norway National Day.