Creator of Mr Squiggle, Cartoonist Heth honored with Google Doodle

Thursday’s Google Doodle celebrates 93rd birthday of Norman Frederick Hetherington in Australia, Bangladesh and Lithuania. Hetherington, known Heth around world is cartoonist and puppet designer, famous for Mr Squiggle television series.


Norman Frederick Hetherington Google Doodle
Norman Frederick Hetherington Google Doodle(May 29, 2014)

Google Doodle designed with characters of Mr Squiggle attracts Google users with their bright colors on homepage, on May 29. Bill, Gus, Blackboard and Squiggle , the characters of the television series is depicted at bottom of Google logo, alphabets included in round blocks. Heth was granted copyright of Mr Squiggle in 1962.

Heth, born on 29 May 1921, worked as teacher, artist and cartoonist for many years. His cartoons were published in many popular magazines. Later on his interest focused on puppetry too. It’s in 1956, first creation of Heth, ‘Nicky and Noodle’ appeared in television.

Though Norman Frederick Hetherington started his career as a cartoonist early in his life, as seen in the theme of doodle, its Mr Squiggle, the kids television series in 1958 , two years after his entry in television career, made his fame spread around the world. Mr Squiggle first appeared on ABC TV.

Mr Squiggle went full on in TV’s for years in different formats. Last episode of the series was out in 1999. 40 years, its quite a long time, right? Infact, Mr Squiggle became a part of kids life over there. Popular characters of the show were displayed in TV exhibitions to announce the impact of show to today’s generation.

For his efforts and contribution to Australian television, Heth was given many awards. Penguin Award, Dean’s Award for Excellence in Art, Jim Russell Award and Medal of Order of Australia are few among them, also, many prominent artists was influenced by Hethrington’s style of works.

Hethrington died on 2010 December 6, at the age of 89 in Australia. Google Doodle for Heth can be viewed by users of Australia, Lithuania and Bangladesh on the day.