Nokia to introduce Windows phone powered EOS with pure view technology

Nokia believe a perfect handset must have an advanced operating system and an innovative camera. As by reports Nokia to introduce Windows phone powered EOS with pure view technology.

Nokia to introduce Windows phone powered EOS with pure view technologyNokia will unveil the Windows phone 8 powered EOS phone Q3, 2013. The main specification of EOS Smartphone is to boast with pure view technology. Nokia launched the first ever cellphone pureview technology last year, Nokia 808 pure view, can’t make any profit to the Company. Nokia now have a keen focus in the development on the cellphone which code named EOS.

Nokia pure view technology is a large super high resolution camera sensor, supported by high performance Carl Zeiss optics. Pureview technology provides crustal clear images and high resolution video footage than ever before. Nokia uses pureview technology that found on innovative digital camera, can even replace a digital camera. It can vary the lens elements to back and forth to vary the field of view and magnification.

Pure view technology provides effective camera controlling and versatility, can provide 12X zoom to the Smartphone cameras. For the images the technology allows 3X lossless zoom and in full-HD it provides 4X zoom. The pixel sampling in pure view technology brings out ultimate camera features. It is a method in which a number of pixels are combined together to form a super pixel. So the images you taken are becomes stunning one without depends on the environment conditions. It makes your images natural and beautiful than ever.Pixel oversampling

Other than the Nokia pure view technology another feature to be most focused is the Windows phone 8 operating system. One of the most promising features of Windows phone 8  is live tiles, will automatically shoe off what happening with that particular application at real time.

Windows Phone 8 also gives high integration to social networking. The people hub provides live updations from social networking connections. It is inbuilt with full version of Microsoft office. It also provides maximum level security to the users. The kids corner allows you to block the important contents from accessing by the childrens. Windows phone 8 is one of the innovative mobile operating system till exits.