Nokia says Lumia 920 is far better than iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 and Lumia 920 is the the biggest releases you had seen recently. Now Nokia says Lumia 920 is far better than iPhone 5.
Nokia says Lumia 920 is far better than iPhone 5

Official Facebook page of Nokia  itself make claim that Lumia 920 is the best. The most significant feature that the Nokia figured out is that Lumia 920 has large screen and high quality picture density. It has a 4.5 inch huge pure motion HD+ display with a resolution of 1280*768. iPhone5 had a retina display of 1136*640 resolution. Lumia 920 also takes over Galaxy SIII with its pure display.

As some issues are rise up between Apple and Google the Google map and YouTube application washed out from Apple. They created their own map on iOS 6; but the new applications face many problems including geographical errors and directions. Nokia provides the best map application at its best turn by turn direction and street views are much better. The most attractive feature of this application is Nokia’s city lens augment reality. If the user turn on the feature and point out in right direction then the map application will show up all the services that the city offers. Surely this will gives out stunning experience to all users.

In the case of camera functionality Apple I phone 5 has an 8 megapixel retina display camera where the Lumia 920 has 8.7 mega pixel pure view camera with mage stabilization and Carl Zeiss optics which promises for stunning photo experience. The 360 degree covering panorama mode is featured in both smart phones but Lumia 920 going forward with image stabilization.

Nokia Lumia 920 offers wireless charging through charging pad rather than ordinary charging. It is also available in wide range of colors at customers wish. Lumia 920 has a super sensitive touch screen which can turn through fingers and even with nails.

Each manufactures made their own claims to make the product to get succeed but the customers and experience that the products gives is the real factors behind the success of that product in the market.