Nokia on a successful path made 15.9 million sales in Q4 2012

As everyone knows the hope of struggling cellphone maker Nokia is rely on Asha and Lumia series. As by reports Nokia on a successful path made 15.9 million sales in Q4 2012.

Nokia on a successful path made 15.9 million sales in Q4 2012According to the fourth quarter sales reports Nokia made a net profit of $270 million with 15.9 million sales, includes more than 4 million sales of Lumia Smartphone alone. The cheaper Asha model also gets high demands from the customers. “Underlying profitability and strengthen its financial position. We remain focused on moving through our transition which includes continuing to improve our product competitiveness, accelerate the way we operate and manage our cost effectively” The CEO Stephen Elop said.

The finest thing that ever made by Nokia in recent years is the adoption of windows phone operating system.  Lumia 920, 820, 620 change the fate of Nokia. All these handsets are running on Windows Phone 8. Nokia Lumia 920 got about 3 million pre-order after the official launching. Other Lumia Smartphone also gets same demand from the customers.

The operating system is the one of the key factors of a Smartphone. Even though Samsung Galaxy S series is top at the sales the 50% credit gone for Android operating system. Also the Korean Company made their own features in the most successful series. Windows phone 8 debuted in the market a few months ago. But finest specification of this OS made it to easily acceptable by the customers.  So the selection of this OS by Nokia is perfect way to the success.

Key Features of Windows Phone 8:-

  • Support for multi-core processors.
  • Live tiles on the home screen.
  • Inbuilt NFC technology.
  • City lens augment reality.
  • Integration with SkyDrive.
  • Kids corner security zone.
  • Internet Explorer 10 browser.
  • Integration with Windows store.
  • Inbuilt office suite.
  • People Hub.

Nokia have a perfect way in marketing and to provide device support. That is the main reason behind the successful Smartphone leading for long 14 years. It is a fact that the introduction of Apple iPhone catches the attention of customers quickly. But the real reason behind Nokia’s market loss is they fail to get on with proper changes in their handsets. The S60 series starts a successful era for the Company. But Nokia withstand on this specifications for long time. They fail to understand that customers wishes for changes every time. At this situation where Apple wins. They introduced the first touched based Smartphone to the world with proper specifications. Customers easily get attracted to the dominant Smartphone.